Are you a ninja?

We are looking for other ninjas out there to join our forces.  If you are eligible please contact us through the web site.

This is not a recipe exchange or a place to post your recipes. If you submit something and it does not follow this format we will not respond. Mostly because you don’t read directions and can not possibly be a ninja. This is a testing web site. Read some articles before you write yours.

1. Written article that has at least three tests in it. Describe what did not work with the first two tests (or more) and then the final recipe.

2. Photographs of the finished product and 3-4 other shots of the process. We will edit the photos to fit our design. Please do not send the photos until your recipe has been accepted.

3. An account with WordPress so we can link you up!  If you want your photo displayed you must be in ninja format by covering your nose with a scarf or in some ninja styling. We think it is better not to cover your mouth as you will be eating. We are open to fashion of course but your ninja disguise is most important!

4. Funny is better, especially if it is a long article so we encourage humor. We don’t care if you swear. Just try not to be offensive.




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